poll highland cattle

         "Mayfield Poll Highland Cattle"

                               The Scottish Highland - without horns!
The highland has a long shaggy coat in winter, a double coat of long hair and an undercoat of shorter hair.  The highland will lose its long top coat in summer and will start to regrow its hair in autumn.  The length of coat varies from animal to animal.
A  lot of people are intrigued with the Scottish Highland COO!  I am certainly one of those,  the majestic breed descendant from Scotland swept me off my feet 25 years ago (1991) when we purchased our first two highland cows. 

Since then we have been showing our registered Highland cattle at Royals and Country shows mainly around Victoria. 
About 9 years ago I decided that I also wanted to breed the commercial highland (without horns) so I have been breeding the Poll Highlands for a few years now and find them easier to handle.  Since the introduction of the new Health and Safety rules with all states of Australia coming in line, you don't have the problem of cutting of the horns before they go to market. 
The Scottish Highland can either have horns or not have horns
 It is Your Choice!

If you use a homozygous poll bull or dam, their offspring will be poll,
as they possess  two poll genes.  If you use a poll and a horned animal, then your offspring will either be horned or poll (50% either way). 
You can breed a highland with any breed to produce the first cross, it takes 4 crosses to breed a pure highland. 
Or you can breed the horned highlands with a polled highland bull and you will have pure bred poll highlands.  The progeny will be approximately half horned and half poll.  When you breed poll to poll, you will get approximately 75% poll animals. Keep your poll animals and in no time at all you will have a full poll highland herd. Or keep your horned animals for breeding purposes as they can still be registered. Dehorn before 6 weeks of age, and you have an easy care highland!

With the increasing interest of the Poll Highland, a few members decided to start their own Society.  
The Poll Highland Cattle Society Inc. registers poll highlands, horned highlands
and miniature highlands. If you have unregistered highlands, contact the Society 
for registration application through the "Inspection process."  If you would like to join our Society,  contact us on info@pollhighland.com.au or through the link below

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